Leeds has always been one of my favourite British cities growing up; my Grandfather used to bring me here to meet my relatives and whilst we were here we would always look at of the tall buildings due to their cutting edge architecture and sometimes we’d even feed the pigeons which lined the streets (I later found out this was a terrible idea).

Leeds was always a city with something going on, regardless of your age. Being bored in Leeds felt impossible, and with so much to explore, so many people to meet, and so much great food to eat; I seemed unlikely that I would ever be able to fully complete my exploration of Britain’s most youthful metropolis.

For a city with such a great reputation, it’s student population and active community ensured that it stayed vibrant throughout the past few years and didn’t go the same way as London, Birmingham, or Manchester; where visitors now feel repelled by the massive amounts of pollution, noise and crime that plague these cities.

A Motive to party in Leeds

My latest journey to Leeds was exciting, it had been 5 years since my last trip and this time I wouldn’t be going with my Grandfather, I would be travelling with a group of close friends to see one of them perform in a night-club. I had been looking forward to it for a while as I hadn’t yet seen him perform in front of a live-crowd.

My friend Fred was a Birmingham based DJ, he had long hair and liked to think of himself as a “Junglist” due to the copious amounts of Jungle and Drum & Bass which he mixed. His following throughout Birmingham had just started to peak and he was getting invitations from clubs all over the UK to see him perform, luckily I was to be on the guest list for his whole tour and boy was I excited!

Watch this interesting 10 minute short-film about the Leeds music scene.

Arriving at Leeds

First stop: Leeds! We got off the tour bus and went to the venue early to set up. We introduced ourselves to the door staff, bar staff and management, then moved on to set up the rig. I lifted in heavy speaker after heavy speaker, before it was time to move in the lighting. I walked in through the door and behind me a man in a leather jacket came running past on the street; I thought nothing of it until I noticed a phone drop out of his pocket. I put the lighting down, picked up the phone and called the man “Hey dude, you left your phone!”

The Man kept on running without even looking back, I thought it was strange and just as I thought about going back in the building I heard a cry for help from where he had just come from. I ran around the corner and found a blonde girl lay on the floor, the contents of her bag were littered everywhere and she was crying. I helped her up and asked what had happened, she told me that she had been mugged by a man in a leather jacket… I knew something was strange when I first saw that man running past!

Meeting Delilah: One of the most Interesting Escorts Leeds could Present!

I asked the girl to give me her name and number so that I could make sure she was safe, she said her name was Delilah and she seemed very grateful for me being there. I called the police and whilst I was waiting I let the girl in to the club with me so I could clean up her wounds. She only had a few cuts but it was enough to warrant some antiseptic, a plaster and a beer on the house. The police arrived and I gave them the phone that he had dropped, turns out this was actually his personal phone and he let himself slip!

I told Delilah that my friend would be playing in 2 hours once we had finished setting up and invited her along, free of charge. She seemed excited and said that she would be bringing her friends with her to “make up for it”, I didn’t really know what she meant but I was happy to accommodate her party for the night after she’d had such a terrible day already. I called Delilah a taxi and she went to get changed and contact her friends.

Delilah’s Entourage (Of Escorts in Leeds!)

Image result for leeds club sceneI continued to set up, forgetting about Delilah as I hauled in the rest of the lighting, speakers and equipment in to the club. Finally, the rig was set up and we still had 30 minutes to relax before the doors were due to open. I had a call from Delilah, she was already back outside – it had only been 1 hour and 30 minutes! I opened the back-door to the venue and soon saw the most beautiful selection of girls I’d ever laid my eyes upon. Delilah and a full entourage of incredibly hot females slithered in and introduced themselves, I was impressed by how popular she was!

I took the girls to the bar and the bartender gave them all free drinks, my friends set was just about to start so we made our way to back-stage and the girls went to the dance floor. The next few hours felt like a blur, lots of dancing, music and alcohol. Fred’s set finished and we regrouped with Delilah and her friends, they told me that they had hired a penthouse suite in Leeds at a hotel called 42 the calls. We got a few bottles of alcohol and then finally made our way to the hotel in a taxi.

A Leeds Escorts VIP Experience

Whilst we were in the taxi I kept hearing Delilah talk about Leeds VIP, I wasn’t sure what she meant until one of our friends let it slip that they were in fact VIP Leeds escorts and I had managed to save Delilah on the night that she left her agency. We arrived at the hotel and cracked open a bottle of champagne; Fred was over the moon that his club-night had gone as planned and in fact we had even sold-out on the tickets.

I went back to my room with Delilah and had a great conversation with her about our pasts, experiences with Leeds and her experience as being one of the many escorts in Leeds. She was a beautiful girl and it turned out that she was leaving to travel to America in the following week. That night Delilah spent the night in my room and we talked all night until she fell asleep. We woke up the next day, arranged to meet when she got back from America, and parted ways… My Granddad would be proud.

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